Unveiling the Power of Korps Sukarela Decades of Malaysia’s Volunteer Heroes Strengthening Communities
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Unveiling the Power of Korps Sukarela Decades of Malaysia’s Volunteer Heroes Strengthening Communities

In the heart of Malaysia, the spirit of volunteerism shines brightly through organizations like Korps Sukarela dedicated to making a positive impact on local communities. Established in 1995, Korps Sukarela, or SAR, has evolved into a robust volunteer search and rescue organization with a rich history dating back to 1953. Comprising over 100,000 volunteers nationwide, they are unsung heroes embodying the values of responsibility, compassion, and goodwill. In this blog post, we delve into the multifaceted role of Korps Sukarela, exploring their history, operations, impact, roles and responsibilities, training requirements, and how you can become a part of this noble cause.

History of Korps Sukarela in Malaysia

Korps Sukarela roots trace back to 1953, when it was initially formed as a voluntary organization focused on disaster relief and civil defense. Over the years, its mission expanded to include community services and youth development programs. In the early days, the organization primarily responded to emergencies like floods, landslides, and building collapses, saving numerous lives through their brave efforts. The 1970s marked a shift towards community programs, with volunteers engaging in activities such as visiting senior citizens, organizing recreational events for youth, and promoting civic responsibility.

Roles and Responsibilities of Korps Sukarela

Korps Sukarela plays a crucial role in disaster relief and community service. Volunteers take on various responsibilities to aid those in need, ranging from assisting in disaster relief efforts to organizing community outreach activities. During natural disasters, Korps Sukarela helps with evacuation, search and rescue operations, and the distribution of essential supplies. Additionally, they engage in community service activities such as cleaning public spaces, tutoring underprivileged children, and assisting senior citizens. Administrative roles are also integral to support the organization’s operations, involving event coordination, volunteer recruitment, communication management, and record-keeping. By participating in Korps Sukarela, volunteers gain valuable experience while contributing to the well-being of their communities.

Training Requirements for Korps Sukarela

To become a member of Korps Sukarela, volunteers undergo comprehensive training to equip them with the necessary skills for their roles. The training process includes a mandatory orientation and basic training program covering disaster response techniques, first aid, CPR, organizational structure, and mission values. After completing basic training, volunteers can pursue specialization training in areas such as search and rescue, medical assistance, communications, and community education. This specialized training prepares volunteers to handle diverse emergency situations and contribute effectively to disaster relief efforts. The challenging yet rewarding training enhances the volunteers’ capabilities, allowing them to make meaningful contributions during crises.

How to Join and Become a Korps Sukarela Member

Joining Korps Sukarela is a straightforward process open to individuals aged 18 and above. Prospective volunteers can register on the website, providing personal information and indicating their volunteering preferences. Following registration, volunteers may undergo an interview to assess their skills and interests, allowing to match them with suitable opportunities. An orientation or induction course follows, familiarizing volunteers with the organization’s mission, values, programs, policies, and procedures. Once oriented, volunteers are placed in suitable positions based on their preferences, contributing 3 to 5 hours of service per week. Becoming a member offers a rewarding experience, allowing individuals to serve their community, develop skills, meet like-minded people, and make a positive impact.


Korps Sukarela stands as a beacon of volunteerism in Malaysia, embodying the principles of service, compassion, and community building. With a rich history spanning over 65 years, the organization has evolved to address diverse community needs, from disaster relief to youth development. The roles and responsibilities undertaken by Korps Sukarela volunteers highlight their dedication to making a positive impact in times of crisis and everyday life. The training requirements ensure that volunteers are well-prepared to handle emergencies and contribute effectively to community well-being. If the mission.

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