A Guide to Styling and Wearing Luvme Hair T Part Wigs
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A Guide to Styling and Wearing Luvme Hair T Part Wigs

T Part wig is one of the styles on the market getting all the talking points lately. Are you in search of a wig style that is in a league of its own and takes good looks to a whole new level? Then T part wigs are just what you’ve been searching for.

Let’s take a closer glance into what T part wigs are made of, why it’s making the rounds and see how you can style your T part wig.

Table of Contents

  • Brief Overview of T Part Wigs
  • How to Choose the Right T Part Wig
  • How to Install Luvme Hair T Part Wigs 
  • Differences Between U Part, V Part and T Part Wigs
  • Where Can I Buy Quality T Part Wigs
  • Conclusion

Brief Overview of T Part Wigs 

A T Part wig is a type of wig that features a T-shaped parting region at the top of the wig cap, does’t like a no lace wig. This parting region is in the form of the letter “T”. It allows for a more natural-looking scalp when the wig is worn.

A typical T-part wig has a 13-inch lace closure, which cuts across both ears and a 4- 6 inch parting in the middle, dividing the lace parting in the middle and giving it its iconic T shape. The T-part wig is very adaptable and may be styled in various ways.

Because they are versatile, T-part wigs are perfect for different occasions; whether you’re working at the office, going out to a party, date night or dinner, you will always appear beautiful and flawless.

How to Choose the Right T Part Wig

The following should be taken into consideration when choosing the right T part wig that suits your style and personality.


This is the foremost quality that must be considered when purchasing your T Part wig. You don’t want to be getting a wig that’s too small or too big for your head size. 

Size is one of the features of a wig that can’t be ignored. T part wigs come in various sizes; 13 x 6 x 1, 13 x 4 x 1, 4 x 4 x 1, 4 x 5 x 1, 5 x 5 x 1.


The texture of a T part wig is important. The T part wig usually contains a natural hairline in front of the T section. They also come as virgin human hair, which makes it easy to style.


Convenience and comfort are other essential features to consider. T part wigs contain native hair that are usually soft, flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods.

Cost efficient

Regular lace wigs are much costlier when compared to T-part wigs; it is preferable to purchase them as the price is not sky-high. However, the low cost of purchase doesn’t make it lesser in quality.

When selecting a wig, it is pertinent to check for all the features you are after. Ensure you observe the size. Check precisely the hair texture and other factors before deciding to purchase.

How to Install T Part Wigs

To install T part wigs, consider the following steps;

Apply Shampoo and Conditioner to your hair

This is the first and most significant step to carry out before fully installing a T part wig. Cleaning hair prior to covering it with the wig will help to prevent and protect your natural hair against hair loss and damage. Before carrying out the next step, ensure your hair is dried completely, as hair is more fragile when it is wet.

Flatten your Natural Hair

This will ensure uniformity, with your hair not being too high. You can braid your hair to flatten it. Straight-back braids are the perfect pattern to use whether you have long hair or short hair.

Clean your Forehead

Clean the dirt and oil on the skin before laying down the wig. After that, dry with a towel so that the lace holds firmly to your forehead.

Fit the Wig Part to your Head

The next thing to do is to perfectly place the wig on your head, then clip the T-part wig on your head. Firstly, arrange the elastic band region around your head, then slide the other portion to the back of the wig.

Apply your Wig with Glue

After putting your cap in place, next is to wear the wig. Applying the glue in proportions, a small amount many times is the best technique. Ensure the glue is semi-dry but also adhesive to the touch. Attach the lace by placing the lace section just above the hairline where it appears natural, and firmly secure it using a wig tape or rubber band.

The wig tape should be left to stick for 15 – 25 minutes before cutting out the lace.

Differences Between U Part, V Part and T Part Wigs

The major difference between all three wigs is the obvious one, which is their specific shapes: U, V and T. V part wigs do not require you to pull out much of your natural hair, and the region is much narrower when compared to a U part wig opening. 

Also, when installing a U part wig, you will need to clip the band initially and after that apply it. However, for the V part wig, the use of a band is unnecessary. 

T part wigs have a narrower lace when compared to the other two wigs, thus limited hairstyle changes are allowed.

Where Can I Buy Quality T Part Wigs

Where to buy a quality wig should be the least of your concerns. This is because there are reliable wig brands you can trust for quality wig options, one of them is Luvme Hair. Get quality T Part Wigs from Luvme Hair at affordable prices. Whether it’s smooth-textured, sleek-patterned, fancy, or chic, you can get it all with a stylish look for any occasion.


There are various T Part wigs available on the market; choosing and styling the best wig that matches your personality and needs is important. By considering the various points in this guide, you can easily select the perfect T Part wig for your appearance.

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